Twin Rivers

This week, from the fifth through the ninth, the sixth grade classes of Kassi Kee and  David West will attend Shady Creek Outdoor School.  Their week will be filled with all kinds of outdoor Science experiences.  

The fourth grade classes of Wendy Wilder and Haley Morrison go on a one day field trip to Shady Creek on the sixth.  

Book Fair will be on campus all next week and they would love additional volunteers.

This Friday is also the end of the first trimester.

Monday, Nov. 12 is a school holiday in honor of Veterans Day.

On Nov. 13 we will have a special tribute to veterans right after the Flag Salute.

Franklin School

Our boys soccer team, coached by Dawnell Reische, and seventh grade girls basketball team, coached by Jon Trefger and the eighth graders with coach Jimmy Divelbiss, play on the sixth at home vs. Twin Rivers and all go to Live Oak Middle School for games on the eighth. 

The Cookie Tree is helping The Franklin Parents Club out with a fund raiser on Friday the ninth starting at 4 p.m.  Proceeds will go for a variety of items including field trips and assemblies.

Tierra Buena

Nov. 7 is a minimum day. 

The time will be used by teachers and staff for evaluation of student progress, curriculum planning and materials preparation.

Band Students from Tierra Buena will take part in a District Band Concert on the eighth at Yuba City High School.

In honor of Veterans Day, Monday, Nov. 12 is a school holiday.

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