Relaxing in the comfort of friends and family while raising money for the community was the theme of the night at Art and Oysters at Justin’s Kitchen late on Sunday afternoon.

The fundraiser benefits Yuba Sutter Arts and South Yuba County Rotary.

“It brings people together for a good cause,” said Marina Hynes, who was a volunteer for the event. “It’s a good way to benefit local nonprofits with these types of events.”

Abbie Cesena, managing director of Yuba Sutter Arts, said last year was the first Art and Oysters fundraiser and it went well, so they wanted to continue to do it – plus people enjoy oysters.

“We try to include art in everything we do,” Cesena said. “And we also love oysters. So we thought, why not art and oysters because we are really good friends with Justin (France, owner of Justin’s Kitchen) and he’s a good supporter of the arts and he’s an artist.”

Lila Solorzano Rivera, a local artist and member of  the board at the Yuba Sutter Arts Council, was chosen to display her artwork. Most of her work is inspired by Day of the Dead and Frida Kahlo.

“I also do flowers and landscapes as well as other stuff,” Solorzano Rivera said. “It’s my first time showing in Yuba City, I usually show in Sacramento and a few times in Marysville. I grew up in Yuba City so it’s interesting to actually show here.”

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