Lyvia's House still shot

Actors Joshua Malekos, left, and Tara Nichol Caldwell, right, sit in Nicolaus Tavern in Nicolaus while filming a scene for “Lyvia’s House,” a locally shot independ film. 


The locally filmed independent production “Lyvia’s House” has stirred up quite a bit of curiosity over the past three years as Patricia V. Davis, a Nicolaus-based writer and director, worked to showcase the area's natural beauty in her newest obsession. 

Described as a romantic psychological thriller, “Lyvia’s House” was loosely inspired by the story of Juan Corona, a serial killer convicted in 1971 for the murder of 25 migrant farmworkers in Sutter County. The plot follows an up-and-coming journalist, Tara Manning, who relocates to the fictional town of River Oaks to be with her boyfriend and aspiring architect, Johnny Beers. The house they move to sits in front of a walnut orchard and previously belonged to an Italian artist named Lyvia. When Manning begins to suspect that the artist's disappearance has something to do with an old string of serial murders, her sense of reality and sanity soon come into question.

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