The Blacksmith Shop inside of Sutter County Museum.

Editor’s Note: “Object Lessons” is a feature that appears occasionally in the Appeal-Democrat and focuses on historic artifacts that help tell the history of Yuba-Sutter.

When something broke in the 1800s, you couldn’t just hop in a truck and go to the nearest Home Depot. Instead, most farmers utilized blacksmith shops for repairs.

Examples of some of the machinery smithers used can be found at “The Blacksmith Shop” display inside of Sutter County Museum in Yuba City. 

“Even though most people live in town, agriculture is still our backbone,” said Sharyl Simmons, a volunteer at the museum. “I grew up on a ranch in Meridian with my mother. These are the same tools we used.”

The display consists of things like sheep sheers, oxen shoes, branding irons, a plow, horse hair rope, milking can with strainer and more. 

“When this display went up in 1998, a significant portion of people who saw it were able to engage because they were a part of agriculture. Most people aren’t in barns anymore but this is a good reminder and introduction to agriculture” Simmons said.

For more information on The Blacksmith’s Shop, visit Sutter County Museum at 1333 Butte House Road, Yuba City.

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