Small School District Association (SSDA) announces the appointment of Nicole Newman, Wheatland Union High School Superintendent to the SSDA Board of Directors, effective immediately.

“We are thrilled to welcome Nicole to our Board of Directors,” said Tim Taylor, Executive Director. “Nicole brings a powerful, experienced, and unique voice to our team. She is noted as a reputable leader with a laser focus commitment to her students and staff. I am confident that she will provide valuable perspectives and have an important impact on our work supporting over 535 school districts in California.”

Mrs. Nicole Newman currently serves as Superintendent of Wheatland Union High School in Wheatland, CA. Prior to that she was the Principal for Pierce High School in Arbuckle and Orland High School in Orland, California. Her resume includes service as a college instructor, Principal in a K-12 school, Vice Principal in a Middle School, and a Business and Marketing Teacher. Mrs. Newman earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business & Marketing Education, and Masters Degrees in both School Administration and Instructional Technology from East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina.

She and her husband Dwayne reside in Plumas Lake, California, and have three boys. 

“It is more important now than ever before that small school districts unite and ensure that our message is heard,” said Mrs. Newman. “Our needs are different! I am a champion for kids, and I live by the words ‘Doing What is Best for Kids!’ Our students in rural and small school district deserve the same education and opportunities as those in large districts. I look forward to working with the Board and the Executive Director to be the voice to continue this advocacy especially during these unprecedented times. It is a privilege and an honor to be joining the Small School District Association’s Executive Board.”

SSDA represents 59% of schools in California and the association started in 1982 to focus on advocacy, legislation and professional development for teachers and administration. It is the largest association representing small rural schools in the country. “I am pleased to have Nicole Newman joining the Small School District Association’s Executive Board,” stated SSDA Board President Stuart Packard. “Nicole will bring a tremendous background that will help not only students, families, and school districts in Yuba County, but will help strengthen the voice of small and rural districts throughout California. This is a time where a strong unified voice is imperative to support and strengthen the small and rural districts in our state.”

SSDA’s core focus in 2020 is eliminating the digital divide, assisting over 100 districts who have been affected by the wildfires, providing support and resources for distance learning and ensuring federal and state funding is equitably distributed to small school districts. Mr. Taylor expanded, “Adding Nicole Newman to our team will help us reach our association goals. She is driven, a fighter and will speak up on behalf of our students.”

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