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Adrianna Rochelle Mata

Adrianna Rochelle Mata is the daughter of Cori Hurlburt and Ricardo Mata. She is an only child. Adriannna's favorite subjects in school are music and P. E. She loves animals and has had a variety of them, including dogs (Rocco, Kona, & Bella), a rabbit (Bunny), a hamster (Hammy), and a Betta fish (Pink Princess). Her favorite color is dark blue like night time.

Adrianna loves to play outside, ride her motorcycle and ride in the tractor with her Grandpa Brian and Uncle Joshua. She wants to do hair when she gets older just like her grandma or be a farmer like her grandpa.

Desiree Tovar

Desiree Tovar is the daughter of Andres and Carissa Tovar. She has one older brother, Dominic.

Desiree's favorite subject in school is math. She is currently participating in hip-hop dance classes at Hype Dance Studio. Desiree enjoys doing gymnastics, playing with her friends, taking trips with her family and reading.

When she grows up Desiree would like to be a gymnastics teacher.

Emery MacDonald

Emery MacDonald is the daughter of Sarah and Ian MacDonald. She was born in Sacramento on March 11, 2009, where her grandma and grandpa, all her Aunts, Uncles, and cousins live. She is an only child.

Emery loves school. She is a kindergartner at Murdock Elementary School. Her favorite subject is math. Emery received an award for perfect attendance. Her favorite color is purple.

She is very involved in Daisy Girl Scouts. She plays Little League baseball. The name of her team is the Lil' Honkers.

Emery loves to watch her Chicago Bears football team, especially when they play against her dad's 49ers. She loves to sing and dance, ride her bike to the park, swim, go to the beach and help her mom around the house, especially cooking and visiting her Grandsie and Grandpa Mac in Sanger.

When Emery gets older, she would like to work at a variety of places, be a ballerina, sing on "The Voice" and go to Chico State.

Michelle Palicios

Michelle Palacios is the daughter of Edith and Larry. She has one older brother, Marcus, and an older sister, Olivia.

Her favorite subject at school is reading and playing. Her favorite color is pink. When Michelle grows up, she wants to buy pretty dresses and be a princess. Michelle loves the beach, horses and plans on living in Rapunzel's tower.

Syneka Taylor

Syneka Taylor is the daughter of Sheena Cavier and Harold Taylor. Syneka has one older sister Alyssa and one younger sister Mia.

Syneka loves school so much she wished she could always be there. Her favorite color is blue.

Some of her favorite things to do are riding her bike, jumping on her trampoline, and collecting shells.

When she grows up she wants to be a doctor, a princess or a cowgirl.

Mia Shipley

Mia Shipley is the daughter of Jered and Vanessa Shipley. She was born in Chico. She resides is Willows where she attends Murdock Elementary School.

Mia is the youngest of her siblings, which include one sister, Hailee, and two brothers, Tyler and Anthony.

Mia is bilingual in English and Spanish. She likes to attend church. Mia is currently involved in T-ball which she enjoys very much. Her favorite type of meat is "dessert."

When Mia grows up, she would like to be a doctor, so she can give shots and make people feel better.

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