Didn’t get your mail? The United States Postal Inspector Investigator advises people to keep track of expected parcels in case they get stolen.

Luckily, an Orland resident heeded this advice when his or her mail was stolen on July 17. The Glenn County Sheriff’s Department announced on Monday that a suspect was arrested for the crime.

Representatives from the sheriff’s department were not available at the time of publication.

Law enforcement didn’t disclose what type of mail was stolen, but the victim lived in the 6000 block on Palm Avenue in Orland. After reporting the mail stolen, Deputy Jon Owens, from the sheriff’s department, was assigned to the case.

During the investigation, Owens served a search warrant to a Corning home on Aug. 6. Inside, he and his team found material related to the mail theft. He also found evidence corresponding to identity theft. The home’s resident, Lisa Vandoorn, 47, of Corning, was subsequently arrested for mail theft.

The case is being processed by the Glenn County District Attorney’s Office, in collaboration with the postal system. Mail theft is considered a federal offense.

Representatives from the United States Postal Service highly recommend reporting suspected mail theft to local police. Afterward, they advise calling Postal Inspectors at 877-876-2455, then press 3.

In addition to vigilance, the postal service recommends taking extra precautions to secure personal parcels. It recommends either having a trusted friend or relative retrieve mail while on vacation, or calling the local post office to have them hold it. People can also ask the post office about the possibility of installing locked mailboxes.

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