The Glenn County Sheriff's Office has ruled the death of the woman found in a burning building in late April as accidental.

Christina Hicks, 49, was found dead inside of a burning building on County Road 15 in Orland on April 25, according to a press release from the Glenn County Sheriff's Office.

The autopsy report concluded that Hicks died of asphyxiation due to the inhalant of products of combustion, according to the release. Hicks was believed to have been living in the building that caught fire during the time the incident occurred.

Arson investigators ruled the cause of the fire as undetermined, according to the release. During the investigation, it was discovered the origin of the fire was near the access door of the building. There was no indication that accelerants were used to start the fire.

There was an electrical outlet with several cables plugged in near the area where the fire started, however, arson investigators reported that there is not enough evidence to positively determine the exact cause.

According to the press release, Glenn County Sheriff's Office detectives interviewed several neighbors, family members and the estranged husband of the Hicks during the investigation. After a lengthy investigation, detectives were able to determine that there is no evidence that foul play was a factor in the first that lead to Hicks' death.  

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