A spill of an unknown chemical occurred on the morning of June 1 at the Glenn County Transfer Station located on County Road 33 in Artois. 

“The spill was encountered when a residential garbage bin was offloaded from a Waste Management truck at the sorting building,” read a release issued by the Glenn County Board of Supervisors. “An employee identified multiple liquid chemicals that had combined and created some mild bubbling and off gassing.”

Officials said about one gallon of an unknown chemical was released onto the Transfer Station Tipping Floor and water was not involved.

According to the release, the employee immediately notified management at Glenn County Public Works who called 911 to report the spill at 9:45 a.m. Artois Fire was dispatched to the scene. After an assessment of the scene, Artois Fire officials determined that the chemical was contained at the site.

The five staff members that were on site were evacuated and the site was closed. 

“It was determined that there was no further threat to life and safety outside the facility, however, a Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Response Team would be required to identify and clean up the chemicals. Glenn County Sheriff’s Office – Office of Emergency Services was notified of the site closure and to assist with requesting Hazardous Materials response resources,” read the release. “California Office of Emergency Services (Cal-OES) was notified of the spill and a regional Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Response Team from Sutter County was put on standby to assist if necessary.” 

Glenn County Public Works then contacted US Ecology – NRC, an environmental and industrial emergency response company located in Chico, to have an assessment team deployed to the site.

“The initial assessment identified muriatic acid had combined with an unknown substance to create the reaction,” read the release. “Based on the initial assessment, it was determined that the US Ecology - NRC emergency response team from Dixon would be deployed to assist with the further assessment and cleanup of the spill.” 

According to officials, it was determined that the Cal-OES Regional HazMat Team was not necessary and was called off. Glenn County Air Pollution Control Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) was on site to assist the hazardous waste response and ensured adequate cleanup was completed.

An Incident/Clean-Up report is on file with the Glenn County Environmental Health Department. 

The Glenn County Transfer Station was closed for the remainder of the day as the spill was cleaned up and resumed normal business operations on Thursday morning. During the closure, traffic was diverted at County Road 33 and County Road D due to the site closure. “Information on waste management residential services and site closure will be updated once the cleanup is completed,” read the release.

For more information, visit https://tinyurl.com/yckpftan or call at 530-934-6530.

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