Before the firehouse filled with people ready to feast on spaghetti Saturday, Orland volunteer firefighters were prepping enough sauce, noodles, garlic bread and salad to feed the community. 

For the last 65 years, the Orland Fire Department has used the Salvagno family recipe for its spaghetti sauce during the annual spaghetti feed fundraiser.

Ron Goings, a retired volunteer, said it was his uncle’s recipe.

“Everyone seems to like it,” Goings said. 

David Kelly, second assistant fire chief, and Rob Swinhart, a volunteer, were also stirring the sauce on Saturday morning, getting ready for the flood of people.

“I love doing it,” Swinhart said. “... The community supports us so why not support them.”

Branden Livingston, event chairman and volunteer firefighter, said both current and past members, along with their families, come together to put on the feed.

“We’re a big family,” Livingston said. 

The feed is one of the department’s main fundraisers and it helps them purchase equipment and medical supplies.

Fire Chief Justin Chaney said the event is essentially the community supporting themselves, since the tools the fundraiser helps purchase are used to help people when they’re in need.

Chaney said they were expecting to serve around 2,000 meals at the 65th annual event – which also featured a raffle with items donated by local businesses and community members along with a cake auction. 

“It’s fun for (the community) to come into the firehouse and have us cook for them,” Kelly said. “... Thank you (to the community) for coming out and your support.”

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