Shop Fire

A shop next to Capay’s Harvest was destroyed in a fire on Friday in Capay.

A large shop building next to Capay’s Harvest caught fire and was destroyed early in the morning on Dec. 27, according to the Capay Volunteer Fire Department.

Capay Fire Chief Ian Turnbull said there were two people living in a trailer in the shop who escaped and ran across the street to a neighbor’s house and had them call the fire department. 

Turnbull said they were toned out at 4:55 a.m. and once they arrived, the shop building was fully involved. The building was close to the store so the department initiated an attack that put foam on the store to cool that end of it and protect it from the advancing fire. 

Hamilton City and Orland fire departments were called in for mutual aid, he said. Personnel from all three agencies worked to protect the store. 

He said while the shop building was completely destroyed, the store itself had almost no damage – some insulation on plumbing that was outside of the wall of the store melted but the structure had no damage. 

Turnbull said there were no injuries. 

The shop that was destroyed was once used to house the Capay Fire Department’s trucks before the current firehouse was built. 

“It’s a bit of Capay history that was lost,” Turnbull said. 

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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