The Glenn County Resource Conservation District was awarded a grant from Patagonia to develop a Carbon Farm Plan for a local grower that would likely increase the amount of carbon they can capture in their landscape and improve the health of their soil, according to a press release.

A Carbon Farm Plan is similar to the Conservation Plan created by USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, however, a Carbon Farm Plan is a guiding document that outlines conservation management practices which help growers address their resource concerns and maximize carbon capture into the soil and vegetation to boost farm productivity. 

The Glenn County Resource Conservation District has a long history of promoting healthy soils in Glenn County by working with growers to improve the health of the region’s soils and promote agricultural sustainability, according to the press release. 

Promoting soil conservation and health in Glenn County has been a goal of the organization since its inception 60 years ago when it was called the Elk Creek Soil Conservation District. 

In recent years, the district has led a series of field days highlighting various practices that local growers are implementing to improve soil health such as cover cropping, compost application, reducing and eliminating tillage and managed gracing. 

The implementation of carbon farming practices such as these bring more life into the soil and increase the amount of carbon cycling through agricultural systems. 

Benefits of carbon farming include increasing soil organic matter, conservation of topsoil, helping growers optimize inputs, water conservation and drought resiliency, reducing atmospheric carbon to address climate change and protecting natural resources and enhancing wildelife habitat. 

Applications are available at or can be mailed to interested growers. 

For more information, contact Jared Geiser, Glenn County Resource Conservation District soil health and conservation planner at or 934-5601 ext. 5. 

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