As temperatures fall this holiday season, lights and other decorations are going up on homes and businesses.

However, being safe is also important.

Here are some safety tips from the U.S. Product Safety Commission:

Inspect extension cords and light strings before hanging lights. According to the National Safety Council, each year 150 home fires are started by faulty holiday decorations. Use only indoor lights inside and only outdoor lights outside. 

Make sure your ladder is in good, working conditions before climbing. The National Safety Commission reports that nearly 6,000 Americans are treated in emergency rooms each holiday season due to fall-related injuries while hanging holiday lights. 

Don’t tack, nail or overstress light strings while hanging them. Hooks or specialized light string clips are a safer option. Follow directions on the package for the number of strings it’s safe to use from one electric outlets. 

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. also offered these indoor safety tips:

If you are using a live tree, check the water levels daily and unplug lights hung on the tree at night and when you’re not home. 

Candles are responsible for one-third of home fires each holiday season. Whenever possible, use flameless decorative candles instead of open flames. 

Place candles where they can’t be knocked over and away from any flammable materials such as curtains. 

Don’t use candles on Christmas trees and don’t leave decorative candles lit while away from home or asleep. 

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