Many people celebrate Memorial Day in their own way, some in Glenn County line streets with flags to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the nation. 

Orland Flag Society volunteers lined Walker Street in Orland with American flags on Monday in honor of Memorial Day.

Roy Meridith, president of the Orland Flag Society and a veteran, said though different groups have been in charge of setting up American flag displays in Orland since the late 1970s on and off, the society was formed and officially took over about four years ago.  

He said sometimes they have many volunteers but sometimes it’s himself and a couple of others.

For Memorial Day, there were several different groups helping out, like Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Korean exchange students and more along with other community members. 

“In essence, we want everybody to feel like one big family and we take pride in our community,” Meridith said. 

He said they hope to remind everybody to be thankful for what a lot of men and women have done in the idealisms of the nation and who put their lives on the line and lost it or didn’t lose their lives, but were hindered. 

“I honestly think that it’s the least we can do for the veterans and the country to display flags in such a way that it inspires,” Meridith said. “... A lot of things in history get forgotten or bypassed. I think setting the flags on Memorial Day gives us insight on our past and our future.” 

He said they also hope to inspire and teach youth about the importance of the flag and what it represents.

“We have to explain to the young why we do this,” Meridith said. “It’s a little pride and a lot of respect.”

Last year, Semper Fitness collected donations of flag kits to raise American flags on Wood Street in Willows. 

Those flags were first raised on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, last year, and again lined Wood Street on Memorial Day.

In a previous article, David Boehm, owner of Semper Fitness, said part of his inspiration came from the flag display in Orland. 

He said the project not only shows patriotism, but community spirit.

“Not only to show patriotism, but to show the community kind of a bond, it’s a neat thing when you drive down (the road),” Boehm previously said. “In this day and age, I think kids need to learn about patriotism and taking care of their country and loving their country and all the benefits that they get, and they’re not for free.”

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