Studio 129

Esequiel Lopez, left, Reuben Ortiz, Jens Johnson, Daniel Green and Megan Green pose for a photo with their certificates in recording arts from Studio 129.

Six inaugural graduates received certificates in recording arts in May at Studio 129 in Orland.

Recording arts classes are offered through the Glenn County Adult Education Program and allows students to study audio engineering at tuition rates that are more affordable than universities or community colleges, according to a press release.

Graduate ages ranged from 18 to 68 and encompassed a diverse choice of musical interests ranging from hip-hop and rock to country, gospel and mariachi. 

The one-year engineering program focuses on a hands-on learning approach with frequent opportunities to use high-end music equipment equivalent to what would be found in professional recording studios, according to the press release.

Class topics include microphone selection and placement, audio recording tools (such as parametric equalizers, compressors and reverb) and a culminating demo project where students put all of their skills to use.

Funding for to help build the program in Orland was made available from a California Career Pathways Trust grant.

“The majority of these CCPT arts/media/entertainment grants end up in urban areas like L.A. And the Bay Area,” said Linda Riggle, career and technical education coordinator, in the press release. “We’re really fortunate to be able to offer these types of classes to students coming from rural areas in the North Central Valley.”

“Music is my passion and this is really a life-long dream of mine,” said Jens Johnson, a student, in the press release. “The small class sizes and expertise of (instructors) Brian (Berry) and Chris (Mullins) are what really helped me succeed. It’s wonderful to have this right here in Orland.”

Studio 129, located at 129 E Walker St., Orland, is also available for hourly rental for commercial recordings, according to the press release.

For more information about Studio 129 or enrolling in recording arts classes, visit or call 865-1267.

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