Laws and Paws

Airmen from Beale Air Force Base bring out their dogs for an obedience demonstration.

Orland’s police officers and their furry partners are gearing up for the fifth annual Laws and Paws fundraiser on Saturday. People from all over the county will get the chance to see K-9 officers in action, while helping law enforcement support the dogs.

The fundraiser will be held at the Glenn County Fairgrounds, and is considered to be one of the biggest events of the year. There will be carnival food vendors, face painting and a bounce house. There will also be performances by country singer Chad Bushnell and classic rock band Looking 4 Eleven.

“I just came up with the idea to have a fundraiser,” said K-9 Officer Grant Carmon. “It’s also an opportunity to interact with the community. It’s fun, too. People look forward to it.”

The main attraction at Laws and Paws is the K-9 demonstrations. Officers and their furry partners will run through practice sessions and show the audience how the dogs find narcotics and take down assailants. This year the demonstration will include a helicopter.

“I’m excited; it’s the first time I’ve gotten to go,” said Officer Edgar Pinedo, the newest member of the Orland Police Department. “I volunteered myself to get bitten.”

All K-9 units within Glenn County are funded by donations; Laws and Paws is the county’s largest fundraiser for the cause. Donations ensure the dogs are properly maintained.

“It supports vet bills, food and training costs,” Carmon said. “Training alone costs $300 a month.”

However, sometimes the funds need to be used in emergency cases. While the dogs are covered under insurance policies, there are still out of pocket expenses for treatment.

“This year one of our K-9’s, Mikki, had a major surgery – there were tennis ball pieces in her stomach. The surgery cost $6,000; the fundraiser helps us with these unexpected expenses.”

People are always welcome to make donations year-round, but Carmon recommends coming out to enjoy the fun.

“It’s definitely family-friendly, and we’ve got some great activities,” Carmon said. “It only costs a $5 donation at the gate, and you get access to two musical talents.”

Laws and Paws takes place Saturday at the Glenn County Fairgrounds from 4 p.m.-10 p.m.

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