A $228 million Yuba College school bond will be on the March 2020 ballot. We are already paying on four Yuba College bonds. Now, Yuba College wants us to pass a fifth bond.

Some voters in Glenn County will see this on their March 2020 ballots. Please check your property tax statements.

A bond is a tax. A portion of Yolo, Placer, Lake, Glenn and Butte counties will vote and will be taxed on the Yuba College School Bond. All of Colusa, Yuba and Sutter counties will vote and be taxed on it.

Many of the projects listed on this bond are mirror images that were listed on previous Yuba College bonds. Why weren’t the projects completed with the previous bonds?

The Yuba College administration is leasing a building at 425 Plumas St. (Yuba City) at whopping $310,000 per year. Why? Why are their offices not located on the campus?

We are already paying on four Yuba College bonds. We will be paying on those bonds for many, many years to come. This will impact your property taxes. If you rent, the increased property tax will likely be passed on to you.

How much longer will we be paying on these school bonds?

Our children and grandchildren will inherit these bonds.

Yuba College Bond A – Ends Aug. 1, 2031 – 11 years remaining.

Yuba College Bond B – Ends Aug. 1, 2046 – 26 years remaining.

Yuba College Bond C – Ends Aug. 1, 2050 – 30 years remaining.

Yuba College Bond D – Ends Aug. 1, 2039 – 19 years remaining.

Astounding! Taxes on four Yuba College bonds is enough!

Please visit and follow on Facebook: Yuba College Bond No.5 – Vote No

Vote no on Measure C. 

Connie Walczak, 

Plumas Lake – Yuba County

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