Dear Editor: 

On behalf of the Willows Chamber of Commerce, we want to thank the community of Willows for making July 4th, 2022, a delightful success. Without the support and generosity of the citizens of Willows and the surrounding area, this event would not be possible.

The day started with Old Glory being placed along Wood Street. What a wonderful sight, seeing the many flags floating in the breeze! The parade started at 10 am from Memorial Hall to Jensen Park. At the Park, the flag was raised to look over the activities until later that evening.

During the day, many vendors were on hand for the public’s pleasure. Of course, the horseshoe tournament was held as well as the tri-tip barbecue. All of the Park activities were arranged and managed by Chamber Director Tony Wagenman and his tireless workers. It takes many volunteers to make this event successful. My thanks go to everyone who helped make this day a wonderful occasion.

Just before dark, the flag lowering ceremonies were performed. The Veterans Color Guard headed by Dan Roach were on hand to properly lower and fold Old Glory. The Star Spangled Banner was performed by Emma Ayala. TAPS was played by David Roak. The flag folding poem was read by Jane Wrinkle. I thank you all for your help and continued support! Before the Fireworks were launched, the giant American flag was raised on the canal bank. At that time, the National Anthem was performed by Corey VonSeggern.

The beautiful evening closed with the fireworks display being prepared and shot off by the international company PYRO-SPECTACULARS! The sky and night lit up with the brilliant colors of the many colorful explosions. Music in the park contributed to the beauty and meaning of the day!

As well as the Willows Chamber workers, our appreciation goes to the City of Willows, Willows Fire Department, especially Skip Sykes and Jensen Park workers.

Also for the Hulbert Family who graciously plow the field adjacent to the Canal before the July 4th. We can’t forget Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District, Glenn County Mosquito Abatement, The Valley Mirror, and Waste Management.

Each year as we proceed with the July 4th celebration, the concern is whether we can fund the event. In a project like this, it takes financial support as well as physical support. The fireworks cost for 2022 was $13,000.00! I am happy to say that with your help and generosity, the display is paid for! If you enjoyed the 2022 display, please consider making a donation in order to continue the annual celebration orchestrated by the Willows Chamber of Commerce.

Again, thank you and my appreciation for your generosity and support to make this day happen and continue to happen!


Jamie Millen

Willows Chamber President

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