On behalf of the Orland Historical and Cultural Society I would like to thank our wonderful sponsors, individuals and non-profit organizations for participating in Orland’s 44 th Old Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration.

“Thank you” to our participating non-profit organizations, Moose Lodge, who provided chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs and drinks. “Thank you” Democratic group for providing root beer floats, Republican Woman for providing snow cones, Town & Country Humane Society who sold water and did pre-adoptions. “Thank you” Evangelical Free Church for selling cotton candy. As always, the Orland Historical and Cultural Society had their wonderful pie and ice cream booth. In addition to pie and ice cream, they also had cobblers, brownies and cookies and drinks. 

“Thank you” to all the volunteers who helped set up and then took down -Toney Alamedia, Rich Hill, Marcy Van Nata, Bill and Shirley Ceccon, Breila Martin, Phil Heuchert, Glynnis Anderson, Chris and Oscar Redes, Gene Russell, Christine Stifter, Orland Public Works, Richard Hood, Angus and Trish Saint-Evens, Steve Halsey, Gerald Rice, and Ron Lane. “Thank you” to Pie booth workers and servers- -Bill and Shirley Ceccon, Gene Russell, Marcy Van Natta, Bonnie Willis, Cathy Freshour, Chris and Oscar Redes, Salina Edwards, Christine Stifter. Special recognition also goes to the pie calling committee; Mo Clark, Salina Edwards, Sharon Phippin and Betty Skala. Of course we could not have a successful Pie booth without the generous donations from our wonderful community of pies, cobblers, cookies and brownies and cash donations. We thank the

following people for their contributions- Anna Cannon, Salina Edwards, Norma Hendrick, Cyndra Wilfong, Bonnie Hawkinson, Marcy Van Nata, Vic and Dorthy Cook, Bill and Shirley Ceccon, Betty “Boop” Salvagno, Carol Anderson, Betty Skala, Doris Vickers, Angie Crook, Chris Dobbs, Bruce Roundy, Jan Lacy, Mo Clark, Olga Peterson, Butch Peterson, Chris Redes, Bonnie Willis, Kathy Stiles, Diantha Candieas, Breila Martin, Scotty Bambauer, Kristie Rumble, Iris Martin, Lillian Thomas, Hendrick Freenstra, Laura Blevens, Janet Wackerman, Marge Palmer, Jo Collins Tibessart, Glynnis Anderson, Maureen Bailey, and Gene Russell. We apologize if your name was not included; as we send this “Thank You” letter to print perhaps before all donations have come in.

The Orland High School Color Guard participated for the first time and sold popcorn. “Thank you” for participating. A big “thank you” to Lurene Hefty and Jillian Lehor for running the Children’s Fishing booth once again this year. “Thank you” again Glynnis Anderson for repainting the Fishing booth and for the awesome wooden “fish” sign that you made.

“Thank you” to our Veterans of Foreign Wars Color Guards Ernie Simpson and Phil Heuchert for being a part of our program in the “Presentation of Colors. We appreciate your participation each year in such an important part of our program to celebrate our Country. “Thank you” BSA/GSA-Roy Merideth as always for your participation in our 4 th of July program and for the beautiful float as our backdrop. We sincerely appreciate our young people being a part of our program. Thank you also for passing out flag fans to all our visitors at the park on such a warm day!

The games are such an integral part of our celebration and would not be possible if not for our wonderful sponsors. A big “thank you” to Knights of Columbus for sponsoring the Decorated Bike Contest. “Thank you” Steve Halsey Family for sponsoring the Decorated Live Pet Contest. “Thank you” Orland Rotary International and Saint-Evens Family for sponsoring the Sack Races. “Thank you” to OHCS for sponsoring the Junior Foot Race. “Thank you” to my family for sponsoring the Decorated Hat Contest as well as our all time favorite for the day, Egg Toss. This year’s winners were none other than my son-in-law Ryan Bentz and grand-son Rory Bentz. Fortunately, as is always done each year, our announcer cracked the egg in front of the audience to prove the winning egg was NOT boiled! Of course we can’t have games without judges, so a big “thank you” to our judges that have always been there for us, Kathy Congdon, Maria Trevao and Mike and Denise Wyser. Its not easy watching a herd of people racing towards you at mach speed ready to trample you. And we always have such wonderful and unique decorations for the Hat Decorating Contest, Live Decorated Pet Contest and Decorated Bike Contest that makes it so difficult to pick the winners. It’s not an easy task and we appreciate our judges for being willing to do the job!

“Thank you” to my brother Reuben Jacobson of “Americana Arts” for donating two of his beautiful wooden flags for our games. The winners loved them!

“Thank you” Rotary International for once again doing the Ducky Drop. The prizes this year were phenomenal, first was $500, second $250 and third $100. The ducks were dropped near the horseshoe area instead of a pool of water both for child safety reasons as well as water preservation. “Thank you” to our OVFD for helping with the Ducky Drop. The proceeds for the Ducky Drop will go to the “pipeline to Success” program to benefit High School graduates seeking to go to college. Our Rotary does so much for our community. “Thank you very much for all that you do!

A big “congratulations” to the Kreamer Family for receiving “Citizen of the Year”. This family is very well known and respected for all that they do for our community both in a serious nature by helping those in need with their fun and unique floats in our Fair Parade and 4 th of July Parade. You are so deserving of this award!

“Congratulations” to the Moose Lodge for receiving “Organization of the Year”. This organization does so much for our community, from serving breakfast and dinners to supporting events in our community, they are always ready to help someone in need. As mentioned, the Moose Lodge provides our main meal for the 4 th of July and we are so appreciative of that. OHCS and our Community salute our Moose Lodge and thank them for all that they do!

A huge “thank you” to our Town Band, who came together to provide music for our event. You made our day! Many of these members came out of retirement and from far distances to participate. A very special “thank you” also to Butch Peterson for doubling his duties that day as our emcee as well as our Band Director. “Thank you” Laurie LaGroan for going above and beyond to help me get the Town Band together for our 2021 Picnic.

Thank you Gene Russell and Charles Martin for setting up the Sound System.

“Thank you” to the City of Orland, City Manager Pete Carr and Orland Public Works Department for the use of Vinsonhaler Park. “Thank you” for the use of the float for our stage and for the supplies needed that day. “Thank you” Orland City Council and Vice-Mayor Jeff Tolley for giving our Patriotic Address for our City.

“Thank you” Phil Heuchert and Ron Lane for running the “Parade of Cars,” to Steve Halsey for your help in the electrical department for our booths, to Iris Martin for the Fourth of July donation. We appreciate our citizen’s support for the Fourth.

Thank you to my hubby and family for all your help before, during and after the Fourth of July Celebration.

I sincerely hope I have not left anyone off of our acknowledgements. This is such a group effort and we are very thankful to all who helped to make it happen.

Thank you to all who came out to Vinsonhaler Park for Orland’s 44 th Old Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration. We hope we will see you in 2022 for another fun filled day and the opportunity to spend the day together in thankfulness for our Nation’s freedom.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Trish Saint-Evens,  OHCS-Fourth of July chair

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