Dear Editor, 

One in four Americans are struggling to afford the medication they need to stay healthy and alive. People of color disproportionately bear this burden. And we also know that at the same time, Big Pharma continues to drive up prices, for no other reason than to pad their pockets.

Congress knows how important action on this issue is, which is pleased to see members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus continue to fight to lower prescription drugs in the reconciliation bill. However, President Biden also has the authority to unilaterally lower drug prices right now. We need both legislative and executive action to meaningfully save patients money and get them the medicines they need!

We need President Biden to use existing legal authorities to dramatically lower costs of essential drugs like insulin, drugs that reverse opioid overdoses, hepatitis C drugs, HIV/AIDS drugs, cancer treatments, EpiPens, asthma inhalers, and COVID-19 treatments. Millions of people are counting on him. Join me in the fight at


T. Chupp, Orland

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