About 15 Glenn County 4-H members participated in the second annual 4-H Anything But Animals Extravaganza in November.

The event included the Food Fiesta, Creative Arts and Skills Day, ABA Judging Day and Interview Contest. 

The event took place on Nov. 16 at C.K. Price Intermediate School in Orland, said Sara van Tol, Glenn County 4-H interim Program Representative, in a press release. 

The adult chair for the event was Marci Sanchez, key leader of the Schaffer 4-H Club, and the youth chair for the event was Daria Danley, Clover 4-H member. 

Members from several local 4-H clubs also assisted with the event. 

The county ambassador team members who assisted with the event included Carson Karle, Vivianna Olmos and Noah Bostrom along with their adviser Landry Otterson. 

The 4-H members brought many food dishes and centerpieces and displays to be judged at the Food Fiesta event. 

They were also required to set a proper table setting and provide a nutritionally-balanced menu. 

Members also participated that day by judging ABA classes and testing their knowledge on many 4-H topics including sewing, leadership, cooking and finances. 

A few members participated in the Interview Contest. Youth had to choose a job, create a resume and cover letter for the chosen job and participate in a mock interview. 

“A big thank you to all the leaders, youth and parents who helped with this new ABA Extravaganza event and set up, evaluate and tabulated,” read the press release. “Thank you to C.K. Price Intermediate School for use of their facility.”

Listed below are the winners from various events:


Food Fiesta Traditional Table Display

  • Junior Division gold medal winners: Nailea Torres and Graciano Ximena, Orland 4-H Club; Owen Schmies, Schaffert 4-H Club; and Ellie and Reese Milne, Lake 4-H Club. 
  • Intermediate Division silver medal winner: Eden Baldridge, Plaza 4-H Club.
  • Intermediate Division gold medal winners: Hannah Bonesio, Capay 4-H Club; and Henry Schmies, Schaffert 4-H Club.


Food Fiesta Commodity Category 

Received awards for food dishes. 

  • Junior division winners: Nailea Torres and Xiemena Graciano, Orland 4-H Club; Ellie and Reese Milne, Lake 4-H Club.
  • Intermediate division winners: Hannah Bonesio, Capay 4-H Club. 


ABA judging

  • Primary members (5 to 8 years old) receiving participation ribbons and certificates: Grace Hobbs, Willows 4-H Club.
  • Junior Division winners: Owen Schmies, Schaffert 4-H Club, first place; Reese Milne, Lake 4-H Club, second place; and Ellie Milne, Lake 4-H Club, third place. 
  • Intermediate Division winners: Dayne Lovell, Plaza 4-H Club, first place; Emily Karle, Lake 4-H Club, second place; Gracie Cloyd, Schaffert 4-H Club, third place; Henry Schmies, Willows 4-H Club, fourth place; Hannah Bonesio, Capay 4-H Club, fifth place; and Brooklyn Hobbs of Willows 4-H Club, sixth club. 
  • Senior Division winners: Daria Danley, Clover 4-H Club, first place; Emma Kochems, Schaffert 4-H Club, second place; Alison Kochems, Schaffert 4-H Club, third place; Hannah Cloyd, Schaffert 4-H Club, fourth place; Pyper Rush, Plaza 4-H Club, fifth place; and Sheyenne Munguia, Willows 4-H Club, sixth place. 


Interview Contest

  • Intermediate Division medal winner: Emily Karle, Lake 4-H Club. 
  • Senior Division winners: Thea Baldridge, Plaza 4-H Club; Carson Karle, Lake 4-H Club; Sheyenne Munguia, Willows 4-H Club; and Daria Danley, Clover 4-H Club. 
  • Top three winners: Thea Baldridge, first place; Carson Karle, second place; and Emily Karle, third place. 

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