Mabel Torres

Pictured are five generations: Sarah Galvin (Stokes), left, Reese Milne, Teresa Stokes (Leonardo), Mabel Torres (Runge), Ellie Milne, Eva May Leonardo and Jen Milne (Stokes). 

Mabel Torres turned 103 on Jan. 23. 

Torres grew up in Artois (Germantown) and now resides in Glenn and loves to embroider, garden and tend to her chickens. 

Her birthday was celebrated with family and friends with a luncheon and cake was served. Her birthday celebration continued on Jan. 26 where she was served her famous Bullseye Doughnuts – also known as Aebleskiver Ebelskiver or German Ferden prepared by her great-niece Teresa Stokes and family. 

This is a tradition Aunt Mabel started at her home on New Year’s Day many years ago and now we enjoy making the Bullseyes for her on her birthday.

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