People felt the tragedy of losing a young officer all over, and two local women took it upon themselves to make sure that was known. 

Natalie Corona, 22, was a rookie Davis police officer and Arbuckle native. She was shot and killed Jan. 10 while responding to a vehicle collision. She had recently completed field training weeks earlier and comes from a long line of law enforcement – her father, Merced Corona, retired from the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office after 26 years of service. 

Christina McCoy-Brock, president and founder of the Little Things Closet (a nonprofit that supplies children in need with clothing, shoes and hygiene products in Glenn County), and Martha Larabee put up blue ribbons, blue flowers and a sign on an overpass in Willows on Sunday to honor and show respect for Corona and her family. 

McCoy-Brock said she wanted to show support to Corona’s father.

“He just wanted people to remember her, that’s what I want,” she said.

While they were putting up the signs, McCoy-Brock said people were honking and the response was incredible. 

She had posted on Facebook that she had plans to put ribbons up on the overpass and had hoped others would join, but even though they couldn’t all attend, she said many people showed support. 

“I didn’t know her, but I felt for the family,” McCoy-Brock said. “I grieve for her.” 

Although the ribbons and sign have been taken down, McCoy-Brock said her and her children plan to continue to show their support.

McCoy-Brock said she ordered “Thin Blue Line” flags – which Corona is seen holding in a photo of her posted on Facebook in  October 2016 – and American flags, and they plan to stand on an overpass in Arbuckle with them to show support the day of Corona’s funeral.

“I just want her dad to know that Willows is going to remember her,” McCoy-Brock said. 

Corona’s funeral is scheduled for Friday morning at 11 a.m. at the UC Davis Activities and Recreation Center (232 ARC, 760 Orchard Road). Law enforcement is asked to arrive by 9 a.m. The service is open to the public, though parking is limited, according to a Davis Police Department press release. Parking attendants will be on-site. 

A law enforcement procession will immediately follow the service and will finish at the location of the graveside service in Arbuckle. The graveside service will take place at Arbuckle Cemetery (400 State Highway 99 west), and the reception will be hosted at Charter Oaks (437 Charter Oaks, Arbuckle).

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