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A big thanks to all of the firefighters down south

After a horrendous stretch of wildfires in Northern California, the flames and tragedy have now shifted to Southern California. 

And just as crews and departments from around the state came to the aid in the north, we account on today’s front page how several firefighters from the North State are helping battle the largest of fires, the Thomas Fire, in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. 

It’s no easy thing, to be called upon to be that far from home doing a job that it is often much more dangerous than often meets the eye – even as our communities go out of their way to support these brave men and women. 

What’s more, some of these people may not be able to be home for the holidays. 

They are instead stepping up to the plate to make sure that the homes and lives of strangers are protected. 

We’re thinking of all of the victims and of all of those who are being heroes. 

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So much judgment and hatred on social media

Not really a local topic on this one, but we just have to say that we wish people would be more considerate and less hateful on these new forms of communication.

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