Salute to veterans

Thanking them for their service is what we should all do

Veterans Day is quite a different observance than Memorial Day, but the two have somehow blended together a bit.

For us, Veterans Day is much more of an opportunity to say “thanks” to veterans and to go out of our way to try to make their lives better. After all, it’s the least we can do after all they have done to give us our way of life.

A few other items of note in relation to the holiday:

– The front news pages are usually reserved for local news and features, but we found the chance to let people know how they can safely and responsibly help veterans organizations to be a worthy cause to find exception to that rule.

There are a lot of scams worries about fraud when people are looking to help others, so we found this to be a good guide.

– Our reporter, Kayla Webster, will be heading out to this event in Colusa County.

We think it sounds like a great idea: The fifth-grade teachers at Egling Middle School are hosting a Veterans Day event at the school on Thursday, Nov. 9, from 9 a.m.-11:15 am. During this time, the students and their families will be able to greet veterans, ask questions and go inside military vehicles. 

Thank you, veterans!

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