Thumbs up/down

We’re glad we could help clear things up on the tracks

There was some chatter that the Orland Newville and Pacific Railroad was coming out at the Glenn County Fairgrounds.

Turns out, as we heard from county and fairgrounds officials, that’s not exactly the case.

As reported and cleared up on today’s front page – at least for now – there has not been a decision made to get rid of the train.

A state agency is taking a look at the safety of the ride after it derailed and closed early during this year’s fair.

From there, it sounds like citizens will have a chance to weigh in on whether they want the fixture to stick around. 

We’re glad that people will be able to have their say, regardless of what happens.

The thumbs down here comes from the worry over how some of these rumors might have gotten started. There’s a lot of “fake news” labels being thrown around in society today, and we’re glad that officials were able to square this one away for us.

Thumbs up

A powerful tribute

From the candlelight moments to the speeches beforehand, we’d just like to say the 9/11 remembrance was a powerful experience.

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