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It’s nice to have programs for those who need help

A lot of us probably have some rough days at the office, wherever that may be.

We might even come home from work wishing we didn’t have a job at all – or at least the one we’re complaining about.

But things can be put into perspective fairly quickly when you read or hear about people who have been laid off. 

Not fired, but laid off. That’s rough.

Some people probably find another job quite a bit faster than others, so we were interested when we heard about a grant that helps with job skills and the like.

As reported on today’s front page, the $495,000 grant was awarded to the North Central Counties Consortium – the manager of four county One Stops – to ensure the funds were distributed properly. 

Counties were awarded the grant because there were massive layoffs at four businesses in the health and law enforcement sectors. Grant funding will help former employees of Rideout Health, Sutter County Health and Human Services Department, Peach Tree Health, and the Willows Police Department.

The last name on the list has quite a bit of relevence around here.

The program seems like a great way to help people get back on their feet.

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