With Camp Fire victims flooding to surrounding cities, many have seen significant growth, Orland included.

The city’s population in 2018 was 7,932 and in a population report published May 1, the population was measured at about 8,337, said Pete Carr, Orland city manager.

This growth led to Orland being named the fastest growing city on the Northern California Interstate 5 corridor a couple of weeks ago. 

“Part of that is because of Camp Fire survivors that have been displaced,” Carr said. “Orland welcomes it. We’re happy to host the people that have been displaced.”

He said this could lead to increased construction activity in the city.

“We have an awful lot of available land on I-5 in Orland that’s readily developable for commercial and commercial services,” he said. 

Carr said new employers already have plans to move to the area, such as North State Hulling, which is currently located in Chico. He said they plan to move in the next year or so. 

He said the city has been building 20-30 single-family residences at the first-time home buyer level a year but the city could use more next level housing and more multi-family residences.

“We need places to house these incoming workers,” Carr said. 

He said the city is able to absorb the impact on the services.

“Orland is a wonderful place for families,” Carr said. “We’ve got good school, terrific parks and recreation.”

According to news sources, Chico was declared the fastest growing city in California. Its population grew by 20.7 percent as of Jan. 1. 

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