The professional decoration and lighting of Orland’s Christmas tree will be funded by the George Turnbull Memorial Fund every year from now on, according to a press release from the City of Orland Arts Commission. 

This includes not only the installation of the decorations and lights for the holiday season, but it also includes the year-round lighting of the tree with white mini lights. 

They will be timed to come on every evening, along with the lights that shine on the city’s bronze sculpture that is in front of the tree, according to the press release. 

This fund was created by donations made at the George Turnbull memorial service four years ago by those wishing to honor his life, according to the press release. The Turnbull family searched for a suitable way to use those donations and felt this was a good solution. 

“When George and Rae Turnbull created the Arts Commission in 2004, the goal was to enhance the city with beautiful projects and also to establish a beautiful art center and gallery to benefit the city and the surrounding community,” it was stated in the press release. “George Turnbull had a gift for seeing the beauty and promise in every day, no matter the weather or circumstance. His life and his art reflected that attitude.

“This ongoing gift of gracing a living tree with beauty and light fits George Turnbull well. His family and the Arts Commission members hope this gift of light will help dispel the darkness of such a difficult year, and enhance the city for years to come.”

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