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Orland gallery hosts 32 artists

The arts are important to any community.

The Orland Art Gallery is a great place to see this fact illustrated. Its newest exhibit covers a wide range of styles and techniques, featuring 32 artists showing their work.

The gallery’s “Group Exhibit” features art ranging from photography, paintings, sculpture and woodwork.

All of the art will be on display at the gallery through the end of August.

That may seem like a long time from now, but don’t wait. These artists are all talented and have a lot of diverse styles of art to offer to the community.

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Simplot receives award

Being friendly to the enviroment is important to the community.

That’s why it’s great the Simplot Grower Solutions retail store was selected to receive the Environmental Respect Award for the company’s dedication to responsible fertilizer methods.

The award is for businesses exhibiting eco-friendly practices.

“This is a great honor, and the Orland team has earned it,” said Simplot Grower Solutions vice president and general manager Dave Dufault.

Yes, it has earned it.

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