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Orland has a Night Out

In recent times, the relationship between law enforcement and the public has become strained.

That’s why it’s great Orland recently participated in the National Night Out event.

The event seeks to foster a better relationship between public safety personnel, such as police and firefighters, and citizens.

The Night Out event was held at Library Park and featured informational booths, an appearance by K-9 officer Ruger and firefighters offering kids the chance to let loose with the fire hose.

This was a great event for the community. Let’s hope it lived up to its intended purpose.

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Volunteers clean wildlife area

Wildlife areas can often get disorganized and just downright dirty.

So it was a great gesture on the part of several volunteers when they set forth to clean up the Upper Butte Basin Wildlife Area recently.

About 40 volunteers cleaned up the habitat as well as the hunting blinds in the area, which spans about 9,700 acres in Butte and Glenn counties.

That’s a wide area, and those 40 volunteers couldn’t have cleaned up all of it.

But what they did do was great for the community.

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