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Did sleep deprivation cause crash?

Driving a car requires an alert driver.

If you feel yourself getting sleepy, it might be best to get off the road to prevent an accident.

That very scenario might possibly have happened recently. A major accident on Interstate 5 sent three people to Enloe Medical Center after a Ford Focus and a large freightliner collided in the early morning.

Officials ruled out the freightliner’s driver being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but said the timing suggested sleep deprivation may have been the cause.

Let this be a lesson to be careful about driving late at night.

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Orland woman still missing

Jennifer Coleen Moore, 41, a resident of Orland has been missing for more than a month now.

She was last seen at the Chico Walmart on June 19 and hasn’t had any contact with her family.

Surveillance camera footage at the Walmart is the last time she has been seen.

This is a strange case. If you have any information that could aid investigators, call the Chico Police Department at 897-4900 or the Glenn County Sheriff’s Department at 934-6431.

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