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Teaching kids how to swim

Summer is upon us, which means more kids will be hitting the pool to beat the upcoming heat.

But too many of these kids have never been properly trained in how to swim in a pool or other body of water.

That's why it's great the city of Orland's Parks and Recreation Department holds a class teaching Orland second-graders the basics of swimming.

The program has been going for three years now, and has educated hundreds of kids in how to swim since then.

Knowing how to swim is a great skill to have, so it's good the city is offering this class.

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Fire destroys Orland home

Losing your home to a fire can be a heart-breaking experience. It's even worse when you lose your home and all of your possessions to a fire.

That's exactly what happened to a family living on the outskirts of Orland recently, when a fire consumed their mobile residence and all of their possessions.

Lake Elementary School is setting up a fundraiser to help the family recover. The school is planning a dinner fundraiser on Saturday.

If you can help, do so.

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