A coalition of water providers recently filed a lawsuit to protect the Central Valley Project and the farms, businesses, residents and wildlife refuges it serves in 17 counties, including Glenn. 

“As California embarks on an unprecedented effort to rebuild our economy, we strongly encourage the state of California to recognize the importance of CVP water deliveries to every facet of our economy and social fabric in California’s Central Valley, the Bay Area and the Central Coast,” it was stated in a news release issued jointly by the Tehama Colusa Canal Authority, the San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority and the Friant Water Authority, which brought on the suit with several Sacramento River settlement contractors.

“Rather than efforts that will limit our economic recovery, we urge the State of California to sit down with the operators of the CVP and State Water Project and develop a joint operations plan that is not in conflict with the federal biological opinions and can advance voluntary agreements as a long-term solution to meet multiple objectives in the Bay-Delta.”

According to the release, California recently filed suit challenging the operations of the CVP and now, through its incidental take permit, the state could further limit the ability of the CVP to deliver water to its customers.

“It is disappointing that state officials have not, to date, engaged with their federal counterparts to resolve these issues after first announcing their intent to sue last fall, and today’s action is the unfortunate result of an environment of escalating legal conflicts over issues that need not be resolved in a courtroom,” it was stated in the release. 

According to the release, the parties now challenging this action supply water to more than 29 million Californians, nearly 75 percent  of California’s population, more than 4 million acres of farmland and hundreds of thousands of acres of managed wetlands and habitat of critical importance to threatened and endangered species and migratory waterfowl.

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