The Willows area California Highway Patrol will host a Child Safety Seat Check-Up event on Friday. 

According to Officer Tracy Hoover, the Willows area CHP schedules events such as this every couple of months to check child safety seats for proper installation by checking to make sure it is the correct seat for the child’s specific height, weight and age and to ensure children are safe and secure while traveling in vehicles on area roadways.

“Parents and guardians don’t necessarily have the correct information regarding child safety seats and the current laws,” said Hoover. “Ninety-five percentof the seats checked are installed incorrectly.  We are here to provide information and knowledge to keep our children safe.”

Hoover said parents and guardians interested in attending the event just need to show up with their vehicle and child safety seat and the on-site technicians will do the rest. 

“If someone is not able to attend an scheduled event, they can make an appointment at their nearest CHP office to have their safety seat checked for proper installation,” said Hoover. 

According to Hoover, a key tip that she likes to remind parents and guardians of when installing a car seat is, if properly installed, the seat should not move very much. 

“If you give your child’s safety seat a gentle tug after installation, at the location where the back and bottom of the vehicle seat comes together, and it moves more than an inch in either direction it probably is not installed correctly or needs to be tightened,” said Hoover.

The Child Safety Seat Check-Up event will be held at the CHP office, 464 N Humboldt Avenue, Willows, from 9 a.m. to noon on Friday. 

For more information, call Officer Hoover at 934-5424.

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