If books costing under $2 didn’t attract patrons, then the smell of fresh cookies and brownies certainly did. Last week, Willows library hosted a “Book and Bake” sale to help fund library activities. The sale lasted from Thursday-Saturday.

While daily operations of the library are covered through its budget, there isn’t enough to fund enrichment programs. These include read-aloud story times, arts and crafts and guests like the mobile zoo.

“Some of the things we need aren’t accounted for in the budget,” said Jody Meza, librarian for Willows and Orland. “All of our children’s programs – crafts and story times – come from fundraisers and donations.”

Friends of the Library – a group of library volunteers – are responsible for most of the fundraising. The group sells books at the library every day, but they find that formal fundraisers generate more money for the library.

“The fundraiser allows us to devote more to the kid programs, equipment and furniture,” said Brian Ramos, president of Willows Friends of the Library.

All of the books in the fundraiser were donated. Many come straight from the community, but others come from out of town.

“We’re in a fortunate situation because Chico often sends us books because they receive a lot of the same titles,” Ramos said. “That’s why we have an excellent selection.”

All baked goods at the fundraiser are provided by Friends of the Library members and community volunteers. People brought everything from cookies, cupcakes – even whole pies.

“Brian likes to ask all his friends to help, and he knows we’ll cooperate,” said Dottie Pritchett, a bake sale volunteer. “My eyes are on one of those pecan pies.”

An estimate of the amount raised at the Book and Bake was not available at the time of publication, but everyone in attendance appeared to enjoy themselves.

“I have come since the beginning. I just love to read and support the library,” said Bettie Streck, a patron. “Sometimes you find a treasure in these old books.”

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