The community got together to take part in a local tradition for its 86th year last week.

The Willows Lamb Derby used to be a one-day event, but now has activities spanning a whole week. 

Saturday was when the main festivities took place with things like the annual Lamb Derby Parade; Wadding Beauty, Muscle Man and Diaper Derby competitions; local vendors; games; and the carnival was even brought back into the action. 

The carnival committee successfully raised the needed funds to bring it back – it had been a couple of years since it had been at the event. 

Eli and Melinda Rahlfs attended the Lamb Derby at Jensen Park with their children to support the community and let the kids have fun.

Melinda Rahlfs said they enjoy the parade, vendors and seeing the kids have fun on the rides at the carnival. 

“It’s a great place for the community to get together,” Eli Rahlfs said. “... It keeps the community strong with local events.”

Lost Lamb

The Lost Lamb Clues began last Monday and people were able to see the posted clues each morning of last week at the Willows Hardware Store. 

A brother, sister duo was successful in finding the lost lamb.

Ashley Hernandez and Jeremiah Wagenman found the lost lamb for the third year in a row and scored a $100 prize for their efforts. 

Hernandez said she credits their success with persistence. 

“Don’t leave any stone unturned,” Hernandez said.  

She said they planned to spend the money on fun for the kids at the Lamb Derby. 

Diaper Derby

Two babies crawled to the finish line during the Diaper Derby after the Lost Lamb winner announcement. 

Karter Taylor and Paige Callahan got off to a slow start as they seemed more interested in making friends with each other than racing to the edge of the blanket that stood as their race course. 

Family and friends tried to motivate the young girls with watches, toys and smartphones. Taylor seemed ready to make a crawl for it but then turned around to join Callahan back at the starting line. 

Taylor ended up making her way to the edge of the blanket to take home the trophy with a lamb on top. 

Corie Hurlburt, Taylor’s mother, said it felt awesome to see her daughter win. 

Willows Junior Honkers

The Willows Junior Honkers also joined in the festivities and hosted a fundraiser – a dunk tank where people could try and make coaches and even the Glenn County District Attorney Dwayne Stewart splash into the pool below them.

Marisol Bobadilla, president of the junior Honkers, said the fundraiser is for the youth football and cheer programs. 

“We thank our community for all their support,” Bobadilla said.

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