Dominic Brock

Dominic Brock was awarded a $10,000 scholarship.

A Willows native was recently awarded a grand-prize scholarship from the California Water Service Group’s sixth annual scholarship program. 

Dominic Brock, who was awarded the $10,000 scholarship, said he has hopes to one day be the president of the United States and is working his way toward that goal. 

At young age, Brock would watch the news with his mother.

“I realized that I wanted to be a leader in our country,” Brock said. 

He has worked with Glenn County District Attorney Dwayne Stewart and Assemblyman James Gallagher and is now a junior at California State University, Sacramento, studying political science. 

“Political science is the next step toward my goal to be president of the United States,” Brock said. “... I want to be a leader of the people, for the people. My community has helped me to get where I am now and where I eventually want to get.”

Brock is also part of the university’s honors program, a community service officer for Sacramento State, a peer mentor in political science and a former housing ambassador and more. 

He said he has learned a lot from all of these experiences. 

“There’s nothing like first-hand experience. You can read a text book but there’s nothing like first-hand experience,” Brock said. “I wanted to learn about what it was like to be a DA and an assemblyman.”

He said his experiences have taught him a variety of things, such as to always do the right thing, how to listen to constituents, to represent them and talk to them; and to work hard, be honest and have fun. 

“I think it helps me become a better leader and better rounded,” Brock said. “I wanted to be grounded in the community and be able to give back and the best way to help the community is actually to be involved on the front lines.”

He said he is a first-generation college student has a strong network of support through his parents.

“I’m very fortunate that I have my mom to support me,” Brock said. “She’s always pushing me to get involved.”

He said he applied for the scholarship because he was needing money for school and this was his second time earning a scholarship from Cal Water – however the last one was for a smaller amount.

“I had to do a double take,” Brock said of when he heard he got the scholarship. “I’m just very thankful. This takes a load off my family … I’m thankful, I’m honored, I’m blessed.”

Shannon McGovern, California Water Service’s regional community affairs specialist, said Cal Water has been awarding scholarships since 2013 and they aim to help people achieve their goals and support their educational goals as well. 

“The ultimate goal is to help support our communities and the people who live and work there,” McGovern said. 

She said in order to be eligible for the scholarship, applicants have to live in one of Cal Water’s service areas and pursuing a degree or planning to for the upcoming academic year.

She said Brock’s academic achievements, community service and financial need made him “a standout candidate.”

McGovern said the next scholarship window will open in the spring of 2020, however a final date has not yet been announced.

“I want to convey how proud we are of Dominic and to be able to support his academic goal and thrilled to be part of the Willows Community,” McGovern said. 

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