I want recognize two First 5 Yuba commissioners for the work they done and continue to do on behalf of Yuba County’s youngest children. During the past five years, I had the opportunity to serve as a volunteer to the First 5 Yuba commission with three of those years as the chair. During this time, the First 5 Yuba commission had experienced a great deal of change. Yet, two members of the commission, Suzanne Nobles and Mary Jane Griego, provided me the necessary support I needed, as the chair, to keep the house in order while continuing services to children 0-to-5. 

The governor of California is threatening the future of First 5 Yuba. He is purposing to take our local funds and keep them in Sacramento. It appears that in June California’s voters will be asked if they want these funds to go to Sacramento or to stay locally. I hope the citizens of California will refute this vote. If there is one thing Yuba County needs to prosper both today and in the future is to invest funds and services for our youngest citizens – the children 0-to-5.

Terri Hutton


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