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Steph Rodwell.

Steph Rodwell loves every aspect of a production and that love helped her land roles on some shows lately.

Rodwell, 23, a Marysville native, was featured on three episodes of the Netflix series “Trinkets” and recently finished up filming on two other productions.

“I feel like it makes me know that anything that you work hard enough for is possible,” she said. “It might not be easy and you might not get a big job right away but it’s possible.”

She doubled as an actor on “The Water Man,” a drama written by Emma Needell where Oprah Winfrey served as an executive producer.

“I’m not worried about getting famous, I want to see the world and learn from others,” she said. “It’s important to keep an open mind and you have to realize the good things about yourself and the things where you need to grow.”

Rodwell said the other show she worked on is a series that was a spinoff from a film.

 “‘The Birch Tree,’ is put on by Facebook Watch. It’s a spinoff series from the movie ‘The Birch’ and in that, I’m an extra and we are currently still filming,” she said.

The film was released in 2016 and according to the Internet Movie Database, “The Birch Tree” series in which Rodwell is featured is scheduled to be released in October.

Rodwell teaches and performs at The Acting Company and Studio B Academy and attended the Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts. She said her love of musical theater helps her appreciate all aspects of a production.

“I try to cover everything and give it an equal amount of attention – I try to be 100 percent in every category of a production,” she said. “I love choreography because it’s more about direction and you get to create the vibe for the show.”

After graduating, she did a yearlong conservatory at the New York Film Academy and was an understudy for the “Twelfth Night” and “The Fool” and got a part in “Oklahoma.”

“After I graduated from New York, I went to Los Angeles and got my certification to teach dance from the Millennium Dance Complex,” she said. “It’s an amazing place where a lot of big stars go.”

She said a friend of a friend helped get her a job on the set of “Trinkets.”

“I was staying with a friend from high school when I was in New York, and her friend was one of the three leads in ‘Trinkets,’ and I said ‘I really want to be a part of that’ so she gave me a bunch of info about background acting,” Rodwell said. “Later, I got an email from someone with the show wanting me to be part of the production and we filmed it in Portland.”

Rodwell has relatives in Portugal and is open to expanding her experience abroad.

“I’m thinking of going to Europe because there are so many great things in dance and performance there,” she said. “The possibilities are endless.”

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