Saturday was Elisia Kundert’s birthday. 

So to celebrate, the Olivehurst resident scoured the area for nail salons open for business that would do acrylic nails. 

She found Ballazio Salon & Spa in Yuba City, one of the few shops in the area open for business in the outdoors to comply with the latest  COVID-19 restrictions.

“I am glad they were open and able to give us what we need and like,” said Kundert. 

She hadn’t gotten her nails done in four or five months – the length of the pandemic. All she needed to do was wear a mask, sign a COVID waiver and sit outside in front of the shop while getting worked on. 

Ballazio Salon & Spa manager Tony Tri said most of his appointments are in the morning due to increased summer temperatures.

While it isn’t ideal, it’s the only realistic alternative, given the pandemic. 

“Outside is better than being closed,” Tri said. “We’re making money.” 

Tri said the shop reopened about a week ago for outside business only. He’s doing about 16 to 20 clients a day – about half of what the salon does normally. In addition, there is the increased work that goes into getting the salon ready for outside business. 

“The chemicals react to the sunlight so they have to remain inside,” Tri said. “We’re constantly transporting all day.” 

However, even with a decreased staff, Tri said the salon is still able to provide multiple services, ranging from manicures to dipping nails. 

Yuba City resident Leticia Rodriguez said the salon is accommodating the situation well. Rodriguez said Saturday was her fifth trip to Ballazio since the pandemic began. 

She said the prices are reasonable, as opposed to other spots, and accommodations work well. 

“It definitely works,” Rodriguez said. “You have to adjust to the new ways for now.”

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