Adventist Health and Rideout

The exterior of Adventist Health and Rideout in Marysville is shown in 2017.

Adventist Health and Rideout experienced a year of growth in 2018. The hospital will build off of its successes as it looks to expand its facilities around Yuba-Sutter. 

Rick Rawson, president of Adventist Health and Rideout, said details as to what an expansion could look like still need to be fleshed out, which will likely take place over the next several months. He said the ultimate goal is to increase access to services for Yuba-Sutter residents, not just people living in Marysville.

“I think it’s clear that we really feel a need to continue to develop the hospital campus as well as develop a new access center in Yuba City. We are looking at a number of ways to do that,” Rawson said. “It’s still a little early in the process, but our desire is to really impact the area around the hospital and to build a larger campus, which aligns with the growth strategy we have.”

Last year marked a year of transition for the hospital after Adventist Health began an affiliation with Rideout Health in the spring. Rawson said the hospital has had some of its best months since and has a lot of positive momentum to build on moving forward. 

“We’ve seen a 10 percent growth in revenue over 2018, so that’s really a trend reversal that we expect to continue for the next five years,” Rawson said.

Rawson said the growth so far puts the organization a year ahead of schedule in terms of its revenue projections.

His team is actively recruiting for additional positions on the organization’s staff, which is one reason the hospital needs more space to operate. Rawson said as more specialists come to the community and the hospital team continues to improve on the quality of care it provides, more services will be available. 

“We are looking at how to improve access and quality of care across the Yuba-Sutter region. We are also working up in Butte County, where we’ve been providing cancer services up there since the Camp Fire. We’ve had a lot of patients coming from that area to be treated at our cancer center, so we are looking to expand our site up in Chico, as well, to continue providing that care,” Rawson said. His team has hired more than 70 employees from the damaged Paradise hospital since the fire. 

Rawson anticipates the organization will have more specifics about an expansion in Yuba-Sutter near the end of February. 

“Our primary focus right now is patient experience. We are seeing some good improvement in that, as well as in quality and safety, in our journey to become one of the top performing hospitals,” Rawson said. “In the end, the best work really produces growth, so we’re focused on the quality of service.”

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