The Sutter County Community Action Agency and Yuba County Community Services Commission are looking to partner up with qualified private nonprofit or public organizations that are capable of operating programs that provide services to Yuba-Sutter’s low-income population.

“So annually, both of those organizations or agencies receive an allocation of funding from the state, and it is intended to reduce poverty,” said Brynda Stranix, president and chief operating officer of the Economic Development Corporation. “So every couple of years, both those agencies go through a planning process, and then they develop a strategic plan and part of that strategic plan is setting some priorities.”

The priorities and needs focused for this year will be homelessness prevention, reduction, creation of affordable housing, food insecurity and access to mental, behavioral and substance abuse programs and counseling. Each community action agency received approximately $240,000 from the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) that must be distributed to partnering agencies, and services must be provided by Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2022.

“Each year we put out the request for proposal to local, nonprofits and or government agencies, government departments, local government and then the boards from both those organizations present presentations from agencies that complete a proposal, and then they make funding decisions based off those proposals and needs of the priority areas of service,” said Stranix. 

The Sutter County Community Action Agency is a private nonprofit organization created in 1964 during the Economic Opportunity Act to help the reduction of poverty in Sutter County by aiding low-income community members. The Yuba County Community Services Commission is also an organization that helps low-income residents in Yuba County. 

“This gives agencies that work directly in poverty and homelessness funding opportunities to help their organization provide services,” said Stranix.

According to Stranix, proposals can be made through the websites of each agency at either or Proposals must be received no later than Friday, Oct. 29.

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