Yuba and Sutter health departments and the Feather River Air Quality Management District issued an air quality health advisory through the weekend due to poor air quality conditions from smoke from regional wildfires.   

According to a release from the Feather River Air Quality Management District, air quality index levels (AQI) are currently in the “high moderate” range to “unhealthy for sensitive groups” range on the valley floor and the Yuba County foothills. 

“AQI levels in the ‘high moderate’ range to ‘unhealthy for sensitive groups’ range are expected to fluctuate and worsen over the weekend due to drift smoke from regional wildfires, forecasted high temperatures, variable winds, and poor smoke dispersion conditions,” the release said. 

As of Friday afternoon, airnow.gov reported that air quality was in the “moderate” range in Yuba City and Marysville, while at “high moderate” levels in Brownsville and Forbestown. 

“Because smoke generation and weather are ever changing, accurate predictions of smoke impacts are difficult,” said Christopher D. Brown, Air Pollution Control officer for Yuba and Sutter counties. “Residents are encouraged to be aware of local conditions.” 

The Sutter and Yuba public health departments advised residents with lung or heart disease and the elderly to leave areas where levels of particulate matter are high, said Feather River Air Quality Management District officials.  

“For everyone else, when you smell smoke, or see smoke around you, you should consider staying indoors and avoiding heavy exertion,” according to officials.   

Individuals with existing respiratory conditions, young children and elderly people are susceptible to health effects from these pollutants and air district officials urge residents to follow their doctors’ orders when exposed to fire emissions. 

According to officials, AQI levels are expected to return to moderate levels on Tuesday.  

For more information about conditions in the Yuba-Sutter region, call 634-7659 or visit https://www.fraqmd.org.  

Residents can also sign up for air quality forecasts and alerts via text message or email at www.fraqmd.org.

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