Response training

The Glenn County Sheriff’s Office and Willows Fire Department hosted a multi-casualty incident response training during the weekend which included more than 15 agencies from the region, including Beale.

Beale Air Force Base was one of the several agencies that participated in a two-part response training focused on multi-casualty incidents in Willows. 

According to a press release from the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office, potential incidents could range from a bus crash to active-shooter incident or a terrorist incident. 

The sheriff’s office and Willows Fire Department co-hosted the training with funding from a Hospital Preparedness Program grant. 

Participants from more than 15 agencies, representing fire, emergency medical services, hospitals, Beale Air Force Base and the office of emergency services were in attendance. 

First responders learned triage and mass-care techniques, scene management, communications and coordination. Participants also learned about hazard-specific issues specific to active shooter, terrorist events, bombings and hazardous materials. 

The training included lecture and hands-on, practical training. 

Butte County EMS brought the Disaster Medical Support Unit – which is a state asset that is one of two located in the region. The unit provides additional supplies and equipment to assist local responders during a multi-casualty incident. 

Several counties also have mass-casualty incident resource trailers to supplement response in the region, according to the press release. 

“The (Disaster Medical Support Units) and (mass-casualty incident) trailers have been an extraordinary asset that have been deployed to many incidents throughout the state including the 2014 bus accident in Orland,” said Amy Travis, deputy director of Glenn County Sheriff’s Office – Office of Emergency Services. “This training provided local responders, volunteer and paid alike, to become familiar with resources available to support response to large-scale incidents. Collaborative trainings provide an opportunity to get to know each other before a response.”

Glenn County Sheriff’s Office – OES and Health and Human Services Agency coordinate emergency preparedness and response grants that provide funding for trainings, exercises and equipment for responding agencies in Glenn County. 

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