Regardless of the growing online/delivery service shopping people do now days, Black Friday continues to put boots on the ground in the Yuba-Sutter area.

Some people devise detailed strategies on how to get to where they need to be to get the best deals, some just take it as it rolls, some are just out there as spectators. Regardless, there are a lot of people hitting the streets the day after Thanksgiving – known as Black Friday because the burst of spending by consumers helps push many businesses into the black ink for the business year.

Here’s a log of sights and sounds around the area Friday:

– 6 a.m.:

About 200 people braved the near freezing morning temperatures to stand in line outside of Home Depot Friday morning to snag some of the highly anticipated Black Friday deals offered by the retailer. 

Whitney Pike, who was second in line, said she was ready with her cart and waiting in line at 5:05 a.m. 

“I came out for a good deal and a good Christmas tree,” said Pike. 

Pike, along with many others, headed to Home Depot to buy the 7-and-a-half-foot tall, pre-lit artificial Christmas tree that was advertised for $79.98, a savings of $149.02. 

Bob Allen, general manager of the Yuba City Home Depot, said each year the $1 poinsettias – only available on Black Friday –are also a big draw for many customers. 

Home Depot associates Samantha and Casey also braved the cold, coming out nearly two hours before the store opened, to offer those in line free hot cocoa, apple cider, tea and donuts. 

Allen said the store has been doing that for at least the last six or seven years to show their appreciation for their customers.

“It makes it a little more fun,” said Allen. “We know they’re out there freezing!”

– 7 a.m.:

A large crowd had formed outside of Target, with many others waiting in their cars for the retailer to open its doors.  

Target launched their Black Friday deals Thursday afternoon so shoppers said they were not in a big rush to get to the deals Friday morning. 

“I was out last night also so I’m not in a big hurry today,” said Alice Cooper. “I got most of the stuff I wanted last night but came back to pick up the few things I missed.” 

The store was still ready for crowds, with the stanchions still in place from the night before, but shoppers didn’t have to fight through crowds to find what they were looking for. 

Shoppers were able to navigate the store with ease although the majority of them headed straight to the toy and electronics departments. 

Russell Grant said he came out to purchase a 60-inch television that was advertised for $429.99.

“Can’t beat that price,” said Grant. “It’s normally $800.”  

– 8 a.m.:

Across town, many shoppers were browsing the large selection of half priced Christmas decorations at Michael’s.

“Most things have been on sale for awhile,” said Tina Rodriguez. “But I have a 25 percent off coupon that is only good til noon so I came down to get some more Christmas decorations.” 

Store associates said that with wreaths, décor, ornaments, lights and garland all half off, people have been coming in all week long to get their homes ready for the holidays. 

– 9 a.m.: 

Game Stop at the Yuba-Sutter Mall was buzzing with folks looking for the latest deals on video games and other gaming material. One of Adriana Diaz’ four children said he was hoping for a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. 

Diaz said the family had been shopping since 7 a.m. Friday morning to make sure to take advantage of the optimum deals of the day. 

Diaz said she prefers to shop at the stores for the social atmosphere. It’s better than sitting at home online, she said. 

“To walk and see the people is more fun” Diaz said. 

Diaz had planned to shop at a few more stores, including some clothing and shoe stores, before the day was over. 

Alicia Draves said she was out and about with her daughter Krista looking for clothes. 

Draves said she had already purchased her Game Stop material online the day before so she did not have to leave her family on Thanksgiving. 

But with clothes, Draves said she likes to see and feel the material with her own two hands. 

– 10 a.m.: 

JC Penney’s was perhaps the most crowded store at the Yuba-Sutter Mall on Friday morning with lines extending back multiple feet from each cash register. 

“It’s something to do,” said Chandra Saucedo, mother of two. “It (beats) thumbing through your cell phone 24 (hours a day).” 

Saucedo said the Christmas spirit was alive and well on Black Friday. 

She planned to shop till about 1 p.m. to really get that full experience of being out and about on what is generally construed as, annually, the busiest shopping day of the year. 

Deanne Seale was another mother waiting patiently in line at JC Penney’s with her daughters, Briauna and Desirae. 

Seale said she had been up since 4 a.m. when the three of them began the day at Kohl’s and Walmart before heading over to the mall. 

“I don’t like the crowds but you save money,” said Seale on the Black Friday experience. 

At Ross Dress for Less, Shannon Amaral was out with her grandson, Isaiah Rogas, shopping for toys.

Amaral said this year her grandson is able to fully grasp the Christmas shopping extravaganza. 

– 11 a.m.:

At Walmart, Tiffany McGinnis said her Black Friday shopping started Wednesday evening the day before Thanksgiving where she purchased a bunch of items online at

She said she was able to do everything except shop for clothes and DVDs, which are not available online, McGinnis said. 

“I like the deals,” McGinnis said. 

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