SAN FRANCISCO — At a climate summit at the Vatican, Gov. Jerry Brown said the world may have reached a tipping point on global warming and that humanity must reverse course or face extinction.

Brown is at the Vatican amid stepped up efforts to bring support for policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The summit was called by Pope Francis following the recent release of his encyclical on climate change.

"We have to respond, and if we don't the world will suffer, we will all suffer," Brown said. "In fact, many people, millions are suffering already."

Brown addressed dozens of mayors and other local gover ment officials from around the world Monday, issuing criticism of Republican politicians and business interests skeptical of climate change.

Shortly after his address, Brown said we'll all learn to adapt to a new climate, according to the Sacramento Bee.

"But if every year things get worse," he added, "our goose will be cooked."

Brown, a onetime Jesuit seminarian, has made climate change a central theme of his tenure in his second stint as California governor. He is promoting a plan to set what the administration calls the most aggressive carbon reduction benchmark in North America, which would increase statewide renewable electricity use to 50 percent, have drivers use half as much gasoline and make buildings twice as efficient as they are now.

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