There’s nothing worse than expecting a package in the mail, but finding out someone stole it off your front porch, according to Brenda Robbins, the owner of Copy City in Marysville.

The store is partnering with Marysville Police Department to provide a safe place for community members to have packages delivered.

“I got tired of hearing about people stealing packages,” Robbins said. “I got a hold of Chief Sachs to partner up and we put the word out.” 

Robbins said the program is simple. When scheduling a delivery, community members can use the store’s address instead of their home address (where packages are often left outside and at risk of thieves and unfavorable weather conditions).  

Robbins said packages can be shipped to and picked up Mon-Fri. from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. at 515 D. St., Marysville. No call ahead or scheduling is required. 

“I’m just trying to do my part to help. We all have to live together so we have to work together. This might not put an end to stealing packages but it will put a damper on it,” Robbins said. 

The Yuba City Police Department is also helping to fight off the pirates. 

“There have been more reports of thefts within the last few weeks and we felt utilizing our police volunteers would be a cost effective way to deter the crimes,” said Katy Goodson, the community policing coordinator. “Our volunteer program works with someone first taking the Citizen Academy class, which is held twice a year. After the class is complete, they can apply to become a volunteer with the Yuba City Police Department. They have to undergo a complete background check and be accepted into the program. Training is conducted once they start as a volunteer.”

Goodson said that select group of volunteers will be on the look-out for porch pirates, though they aren’t authorize to apprehend suspects. 

“Volunteers will only extra sets of eyes and ears. They will also be patrolling in a marked Yuba City Police volunteer vehicle. If they see any suspicious activity, they are instructed to contact our dispatch center who will then send a sworn officer to respond.”

Goodson said the department doesn’t have a current partnership for safe package deliveries in Yuba City, but can see one coming in the near future. In the meantime she said Amazon provides free delivery hubs in Yuba City. For more information visit Other pick up locations in Yuba City include: Chase Bank, 540 Colusa Ave., Rite Aid, 1021 Bridge St., Rite Aid, 1590 Butte House Road, and GNC (inside the mall), 1215 Colusa Ave.

“We are definitely advising people to use monitored locations or businesses that offer a mail service,” Goodson said.

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