It’s certain that Yuba-Sutter residents will have a number of decisions to make in terms of local seats up for grabs in the upcoming November election. The uncertainty at this point is who will be running.

Local residents interested in running for any of the positions up for grabs in the election have until Aug. 7 to file their candidacy (positions where the incumbent does not file will have until Aug. 12 to submit their intent to run).

Elections officials in the area say the filing period has gone well for the most part, considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic requiring most of the process be done online.

“When the candidates make initial contact about the position, we send them the documentation they need to complete and send back, once finished. If everything is correct, we have them come in for in-person appointments,” said Terry Hansen, Yuba County clerk-recorder. “It’s been going really well. Everyone has been very cooperative.”

Officials noted that some residents may have been notified by the Secretary of State’s office recently to verify their registration information is correct. While some residents raised concerns that it could be a phishing attempt for personal information, local officials said the notification is legitimate.

“We’ll be doing a little more outreach as well, but I encourage voters to make sure they are registered ahead of Election Day,” said Donna Johnston, Sutter County clerk-recorder. “They can either go to our county website or the Secretary of State’s website to check that their voter registration is correct, so that when we do mail ballots, they get them.”

Both counties are going to all vote-by-mail, per the governor’s orders, so all registered voters in the area will receive a ballot in the mail.

Johnston said Sutter County will also have five voter service centers located around the county running three days before the election as well as on Election Day to assist voters with any questions they may have or to vote in person.

All of Yuba County’s regular voting locations will be open in November, except for the site in Camptonville. Hansen said voters who typically utilize the site are being advised to vote at the Alcouffe Center in Oregon House instead.

“If you want to vote in person at a polling site, be sure to bring your vote-by-mail ballot and turn it into a poll worker,” Hansen said. “By surrendering your vote-by-mail ballot, you will be able to vote right away because having to verify that you haven’t voted already can be time consuming to confirm.”


Yuba County offices

There are three run-off elections in Yuba County in November, which includes a county supervisor position for District 2. The other races – a state Assembly seat and position in the U.S. House of Representatives – will be voted on in both counties.

There are 21 positions up for grabs on special districts in the county. Those entities include the Browns Valley Irrigation District, Camptonville Community Services District, D10/Hallwood Community Services District, Dobbins-Oregon House Fire Protection District, Foothill Fire Protection District, Linda County Water District, Linda Fire Protection District, Loma Rica/Browns Valley Community Services District, Marysville Levee Commission, North Yuba Water District, Olivehurst Public Utilities District, Plumas Brophy Fire District, Smartsville Fire Protection District, and River Highlands Community Services District.

County school districts with available seats include Camptonville School District, Marysville Joint Unified School District, Nevada County Board of Education, Plumas Lake Elementary School District, Wheatland Elementary School District, Wheatland Union High School District, Yuba Community College District, and the Yuba County Board of Education.

Marysville also has a mayoral seat up for grabs and two positions on the city council. There will also be a ballot measure proposing an amendment to the city’s current cannabis tax meant to capture additional revenue on commercial cannabis activities such as cannabis labs, extraction and edible manufacturing, among other related products and procedures.

The city of Wheatland has three council positions up for election in November.


Sutter County offices

Two supervisorial seats are headed to a runoff in Sutter County in District 4 and 5.

County school districts with available seats include the Sutter County Board of Education, Yuba City Unified School District, Live Oak Unified School District, Brittan School District, Browns School District, East Nicolaus Joint Unified School District, Franklin School District, Marcum Illinois School District, Meridian School District, Nuestro School District, Pleasant Grove Joint Union School District, Sutter Union High School, Winship Robbins School District, Woodland Joint Unified, and the Yuba Community College District.

Yuba City has two seats on the city council up for grabs, as well as the city clerk and city treasurer positions.

Live Oak also has two seats on the city council up for election in November.

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