John Garamendi, Democrat

U.S. representative,

3rd Congressional District

“This is a blatant attack on American democracy. We will have a transfer of power on January 20th, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will become president and vice president on that day. 

“American democracy has survived over 200 years, and it will survive Donald Trump."


Doug LaMalfa, Republican

U.S. representative,

1st Congressional District

“ … Peaceful protests are an important part of American expression, and a cornerstone of our founding. Violence, no matter by who or for what reason is inexcusable and must be dealt with immediately, forcefully and with the full force of the law.

 The actions at the Capitol ... hurt our country. We intend to resume our duties soon. The voice of the House of the People will not be silenced for long by a small group that violates the goodwill of all Americans to the right to redress their grievances.”

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